50 Essential Etiquette Lessons by Kathryn Flannery

50 Essential Etiquette Lessons by Kathryn Flannery

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Meeting strangers at a party, alone in the elevator with the CEO, declining a second date because the first was a disaster―social situations apply a lot of pressure to do and say the right thing. 50 Essential Etiquette Lessons shows you the best way to approach these common challenges with confidence and ease. Never mind putting your pinkies up when you drink tea―this guide is packed with modern examples of how to handle any sticky situation.

Short, easy lessons cover workplace etiquette, to help you come across as an on-point, put-together asset to any company. Learn specific strategies for performing your best in social settings, both in person and online. Master skills like keeping conversation going, showing your best side on social media, giving gifts appropriately, and more.

50 Essential Etiquette Lessons includes:

  • 50 indispensable tips―Get etiquette advice for dining out with friends, navigating a networking event, celebrating special occasions, and more.
  • Updated manners―No need to be fussy or formal―this is practical, straightforward etiquette for today.
  • Real-life examples―Tackle tricky scenarios with the help of a Q&A chapter that shows you how to use etiquette confidently every day.

With 50 Essential Etiquette Lessons, embarrassing missteps and awkward silences will be a thing of the past.

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