Room to Dream by David Lynch

Room to Dream by David Lynch

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In this unique hybrid of biography and memoir, David Lynch opens up for the first time about a life lived in pursuit of his singular vision, and the many heartaches and struggles he’s faced to bring his unorthodox projects to fruition. Lynch’s lyrical, intimate, and unfiltered personal reflections riff off biographical sections written by close collaborator Kristine McKenna and based on more than one hundred new interviews with surprisingly candid ex-wives, family members, actors, agents, musicians, and colleagues in various fields who all have their own takes on what happened.

Room to Dream is a landmark book that offers a onetime all-access pass into the life and mind of one of our most enigmatic and utterly original living artists.

With insights into . . .


The Elephant Man


Blue Velvet

Wild at Heart

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Lost Highway

The Straight Story

Mulholland Drive


Twin Peaks: The Return

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