The Ambassador’s Dog by Scott DeLisi

The Ambassador’s Dog by Scott DeLisi
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"The Ambassador's Dog" is a story of the power of serendipitous meetings, the power of dreams, and the power of hope. Written by retired career diplomat and three-time Ambassador Scott DeLisi and illustrated by award-winning artist, Jane Lillian Vance, it tells the tale of a puppy, abandoned and alone, who waited on a trail in what once was the ancient kingdom of Lo on the Tibetan plateau. And it's the tale of the man who was meant to cross his path.

It's more than just another dog story, though. It's an important reminder, at a difficult time, that there is compassion and courage and hope to be found in the world if only our hearts are open to seeing them.

Published by the team at Vajra Books in Kathmandu, Nepal, "The Ambassador's Dog" is a meticulous and creative blending of a compelling narrative and incredibly rich images. This book is a work of love -- and it shows.

"The Ambassador's Dog" is being printed on textured fox fine paper with museum quality ink. It will have a raw silken-wrapped hardcover, a golden bookmark, and a laminated jacket; in other words, it will be a collector's piece, to be treasured and shared for years to come.