The Messenger of Athens by Anne Zouroudi

The Messenger of Athens by Anne Zouroudi

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Anne Zouroudi’s tales of the Greek Detective are ‘Gripping and tense, with an atmosphere which holds you in thrall’, says Susan Hill.
‘Essentially gloriously sunny escapism, the perfect holiday read’ (Daily Telegraph).

Readers of Andrea Camilleri, Donna Leon, Alexander McCall-Smith and Neil Gaiman's American Gods will love the mysterious, enigmatic Greek detective Hermes Diaktoros, ‘half Poirot, half deus ex machina’ (Guardian).

When the battered body of a young woman is discovered on a remote Greek island, the local police are quick to dismiss her death as an accident. Then a well-dressed stranger arrives, uninvited, from Athens, announcing his intention to investigate further. His methods are unorthodox, and he brings his own mystery into the web of dark secrets and lies. Who has sent him, on whose authority is he acting, and how does he know of dramas played out decades ago?

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