Work Like a Boss by Nancy Lyons

Work Like a Boss by Nancy Lyons

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Nancy Lyons started her career not fitting in anywhere. She was a loudmouth, shared her ideas too much, and brought big energy. But there wasn't room for that in a traditional office. Nowhere did she ever feel empowered as an employee and valued for what she brought to work. So when she became a CEO and business owner herself, she set out to cultivate a work culture unlike anything she'd experienced before, starting with her mindset. In Work Like a Boss, she teaches everyone boss or not how to do it too.

Inside, Nancy shares lessons learned through personal experience (and experiments) and what she has observed in her twenty-five years of business leadership. With her decades of skill in developing award-winning people-centered work cultures, Nancy gives you tough-love advice on things you've long forgotten are essential at work:

  • Identifying and using better mindsets and practices
  • Bringing your best self, even when it's difficult
  • Overcoming your bad communication habits
  • Owning your sh*t
  • And more

Real power doesn't come with a title, a promotion, or managing a team. No matter your role or industry, Work Like a Boss will teach you what you can do, right now, to create the conditions for yourself and others to thrive at work.

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