The Lexicon of Real American Food SIGNED by Jane & Michael Stern

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**Signed by the authors**

The Lexicon of Real American Food tells all about American food as it is spoken—and enjoyed—across the nation. Jane and Michael Stern, creators of Roadfood, have created an A-to-Z celebration of a nation's cuisine, including the history, meaning, lore, humor, and significance of local specialties. Some are well-known -- Buffalo wings, cheese steaks, deep-dish pizza; others are as recherche as Polish boys, fluffernutter, and Biloxi bacon.

Also included are the stories behind such gastronomic icons as the salad bar and the supermarket, the In 'N' Out secret menu, Twinkies and granola, sustainable food, Red Bull, and the raw food movement. Including full-color illustrations, select recipes, and profiles of foodie heroes from Arthur Bryant to Julia Child, this book is a joy to browse or to study, and is an essential reference for anyone interested in America's signature dishes and dining styles.

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