Sleep With One Eye Open by Chris Thile and Michael Daves

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A bluegrass collaboration/conversation between mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile and guitarist Michael Daves.


  1. Rabbit in the Log
  2. Cry, Cry Darling
  3. Loneliness and Desperation
  4. Tennessee Blues
  5. 20/20 Vision
  6. You're Running Wild
  7. Ookpik Waltz
  8. My Little Girl in Tennesse
  9. Sleep with One Eye Open
  10. Rain and Snow
  11. Mississippi Waltz
  12. Bury Me Beneath the Willow
  13. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  14. Billy in the Lowground
  15. It Takes One To Know One
  16. If I Should Wander Back Tonight

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