A Shiva Rea Collection: Yoga DVD Set

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One of the world’s most renowned and inspiring yoga teachers, Shiva Rea is a proven sell-through winner on DVD. This collection of three of her most innovative programs represents a bargain for the yoga enthusiast. All programs include optional music-only audio tracks.

Flow Yoga for Beginners: An introduction to Shiva’s unique style of yoga in 5 easy-to-follow segments. Approx. 70 min.

Radiant Heart Yoga: Heart-opening yoga in 3 short segments for stress relief and to promote deep breathing. Approx. 35 min.

Yoga Trance Dance: More than 2 hours of flow yoga in 15 mix-and-match segments that celebrate the creative joy of movement.

Features the yoga matrix for customized practices as well as 6 preset practices. Approx. 130 min. Bonus extras include a 12-page program guide. All with optional music-only audio tracks

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