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A note from Chris Koza:

The songs on my new album, In Real Time, are some of my favorite works I have produced to date. Each song comes from a deeply personal place — yet I feel the resulting composition can be universally embraced. The writing process was varied — some songs took several years of revisions and waiting while others seemed to fall into place in the span of a few hours. From the blurry outset, I wanted this album to be a collection of songs written for the sake of the song. I strived to cultivate a group of compositions where the vocal performances and the musicianship would bear the emotions instead of overly intricate arrangements or production elements.

Some genres have made a deeper mark on my aesthetic than others: 60's pop, classic rock, folk, and country to name a few. The musicians that I worked with for this album: bassist John Munson (The New Standards, Semisonic, Wits) drummer Richard Medek (Wits, Alternate Routes), guitarist Sam Getz (Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers, Welshly Arms), pedal steel guru Joe Savage and keyboardist/vocalist Alicia Christiansen, all possess an elite understanding of nuance and musicianship. The tracks were mixed by Brett Bullion who had the task of turning twelve unique songs into a single album. The result is an album that sounds different yet more cohesive — than anything I've done before.

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