Selected Shorts: Pets! CD

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Recorded live at the Peter Norton Symphony Space in New York City and at venues across the United States, these audio anthologies feature short stories from the Selected Shorts program that airs nationwide. More than 300,000 listeners tune in to this offering weekly to hear some of their favorite tales read aloud by an assortment of distinguished actors.

The cast of characters in this compilation is a menagerie of animals—cats, dogs, birds, even a dragon—and their owners. Included in the funny and unexpected stories about people, pets, and their problems are T. C. Boyle’s "Heart of a Champion" read by Isaiah Sheffer; Robertson Davies’ "The Cat That Went to Trinity" read by Charles Keating; Molly Giles’ "Pie Dance" read by Kate Burton; Gail Godwin’s "St. George" read by Jane Curtin; and Max Steele’s "The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers" read by Paul Hecht.

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